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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 6, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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24. kristen and eric? >> we have developing news from the north bay, sonoma county investigators are on the scene of a shocking triple murder near forestville. cornell bernard is live with what we are learning. >> we are on highway 116 not far from the crime scene where the bodies of three men are inside the cabin. the sheriff is not saying much about the murder mystery. we were over the property near forestville and deputies say a man discovered the body of his brother and two others in a back bedroom of the cabin tuesday afternoon. all three were shot. the victims appear to have been targeted. the crime has left neighbors in the community completely stunned. >> i understand there was a shooting. i heard that from a friend.
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>> did not appear to be a struggle. they died of gunshot wounds. >> execution-style. >> i will not discuss that. >> murder-suicide? >> it is not. >> investigators will have more to say later today. investigators say the shooter or shooters remain at large but police do not think the public is in danger because the crime does not appear to be random. the victims have no criminal history. the crime scene is not far from iron stone vineyards and the employees have told not to go near the home. the coroner will recover the bodies today. >> also developing news in the investigation into the 1984 disappearance of kevin collins. police are holding a news conference this afternoon that couldst on this man, a "person of interest" who died five years ago.
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the boy disappeared on the way home from basketball practice in february of 1984. he was seen half a block from the school on a bus, and the person person lived in the area at the time and his home was searched but police found nothing. last week as we first reported, police returned with cadaver dogs and digging equipment and found small bone fragments that have been sent to a laboratory for analysis. our news reporter will have were more in the next half hour. >> fairfield police will provide an update into the investigation of the murder of a 13-year-old. they identified the body of the 13-year-old teen who has been found and released this surveillance video of the girl in fairfield on thursday afternoon at corner of grand circle, four miles great the park where her naked body was discovered at sunrise on friday morning. no word of any arrests in the case so far. >> in alabama, the boy held cap
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different in an underground bunker for a week is celebrating his 6th birthday at home today. we are learning new details of the daring f.b.i. raid. abc has learned that bomb technicians found two homemade explosives where he was held. new photographs show the entrance to the 6 by 8' sell. the hostagetaker was killed. >> from florida, a dramatic rescue attempt unfolding. we brought you the pictures at 4:30. look what you are seeing is a bakery delivery truck that was dangling over a freeway in fort lauderdale. rescue crews tried to save the people inside. one person died after being pinned in. another person is at the hospital. the truck has been stabilized and it is no longer dangling off the side of the freeway but on the overpass. >> new this morning, president
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obama. we have learned will not nature someone for the outgoing interior secretary salazar, an official of the r.e.i. sporting chain will be named. americans approve how president obama is handling immigration issues. the new washington post/abc news poll shows 49 percent believe he is on the right track. 43 percent disapprove. >> in the bay area, san francisco mayor lee is expected to announce his choice to fill the assessors post vacated by a newly elected council member. the mayor could be facing pressure to name another woman or asian to replace chu on the
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board. >> tone the concorde planning commission is meeting to talk of a ban on outdoor growth of medical marijuana. the contra costa times reports that the city attorney will ask the commission to recommend a ban, limiting the marijuana growing to inside homes. one resident is promising to challenge the resolution with a legal backyard grow. they already ban medical marijuana dispensaries. >> beyonce's super bowl half time hit is not winning over everyone. hard to believe. ahead the new criticism now facing the superstar. >> coming up first after a year of plunging values zinga is looking up. >> a live look outside, wall -- walnut creek traffic
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>> we are back coming up on 6:10. remember the cold air we talked about would be here? double digits and colder in fremont and half moon bay and novato and santa rosa, and 13 degrees warmer in napa, and three in san francisco, and nine in oakland and san jose much the only place warmer is antioch, one degree at 43 degrees. we have 41 in oakland, and livermore, 45 in san francisco, and 42 in fairfield and 40 in mountain view. everyone else is in the
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mid-to-upper 30's. under sunny skies we will hit close to seasonal averages today. mid-50's to around 60 degrees. the metering lights have just been flipped on. you can see traffic is backing up to the first overcrossing and it is sluggish on the upper deck moving into san francisco. out of antioch you are slow, making to pittsburg from hillcrest, under 20 minutes from 242 and the central valley 35 or 36 miles per hour to the altamont pass to livermore and 25 or 26 minute ride, and part and muni all on time and the vallejo ferry is a bus because of merckal problems. >> san francisco gaming company zinga will trade higher in less than 30 minutes when the markets open after the latest easterning report -- earnings competing
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expected reports with shares jumping 6.5 percent after hours to $2.92. shares are still down more than 70 percent from the company's i.p.o. at the end of 2011. >> and a monopoly game piece gets the boot and what will replace it. >> beyonce wowed super bowl fans around the world but
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>> palo alto, fremont, and palo
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alto, this is abc7 news. >> we are back at 6:14. it is cooler inland at 36 and low 40's for the rest of us this morning. headed to noon, a lot of sunshine and low-to-mid 50's 60's and the mid-to-upper 60's around 4:00. not too bad in the evening, mostly clear and upper 40's to low 50's. we have rain in the forecast tomorrow, especially in the morning hours, and let to mid 50's and scattered showers for friday and dry and warmer on saturday. kristen and eric? >> 6:14. happening today in washington, dc, secretary of state john kerry will be sworn in to office today. vice president biden will give the oath. john kerry started on monday where he received a warm welcome. he succeeded secretary of state, hillary clinton, the former massachusetts senator says protecting american diplomats is a top priority. president obama is headed to israel this spring, meeting with prime minister binyamin netanyahu, in the first trip to the country as president.
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the white house says the president will also visit the west bank and jordan. white house press secretary carney says that the two leaders will discuss several issues including the threats posed by iran and syria. >> beyonce's show may have been a hit with viewers but not everyone is a fan. >> the people for the ethical treatment of animals is now blasting the star saying she showed way too much animal skin on sunday, her outfit made with python and cow leather and says the factses are -- fashions are trending to more humane. >> monopoly fans have voted to add a cat to the new game piece giving new competition for the dog, replacing the iron. vote closed on facebook, after the company asked fans to pick
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what to remove and what to add. it was a race between the shoe and wheelbarrow and the iron. fans from 120 countries voted. >> baseball card that completes any collection is on sale. a maine auction house is selling the 1865 brooklyn atlantic team card a small paper photograph of the ten players mounted on a thicker piece of paper, the only other surviving card is in the library of congress. this card could go for more than $100,000. >> and now, mike has a look at the forecast. >> a lot of sunshine and a nice day to be outside with no pollution, and the folks coming in on the cruise ship enjoying wonderful weather in the bay
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area with sunshine and 56 here in san francisco. so, sweatshirts, maybe, maybe not. we will see. it could be worst if they were here tomorrow dealing with rain like we will be tomorrow. but right now, live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it is. on mt. mt. st. helena it will bg rain during the commute but at 6:00 observations, you can see antioch and oakland and fairfield and san francisco and mountain view in the throw mid-40's and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 30's with democrats from 36 in watsonville to 41 in gilroy which usually is cooler. close to average temperatures and cooler tomorrow with chance of light rain and showers and sunny and warmer for the outdoor plans this weekend. cold front moved through yesterday afternoon, and the high pressure built in, and we
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are between systems and the cooler air is waiting as we talked about year, right now, here is where we are looking at our stronger weather system for tomorrow, so we will map out the timeframe. the commute is most affected in the north bay, at 5:00 tomorrow morning, and by 9:00 you have the steady light rain all the way through moving into the heart of the bay to the end of the commute down to the south bay by lunch and out of your neighborhoods by 2:00. it has slowed down a little bit compared to yesterday. 5:00, thursday, not much going on but then scattered showers develop during the evening and overnight hours and the snow level is low enough that mount hamilton get as dusting of snow, and at noon, the shower chance diminishes quickly as the cooler air rolls in and dry air for our friday evening plans. rainfall amount is still .1" to .25".
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low-to-mid 50's tomorrow, all we will get and, friday, we will make a run at the mid-50's to 60 on saturday and sunday and mainly 60's on monday and tuesday. have a great day. >> a couple new problems, much. we go now to the north side of the bridge the ramp on westbound 780 this is an accident on the shoulder, so a bit of slowing. in the concord area, southbound, 680 at 242 a stalled big rig dropping the right lane, and a mattress at the washington on-ramp to northbound 880 has been cleared. a look at the drive time, southbound, 101 from santa rosa, the east shore freeway commute under 20 minutes and 880 down to 237, under 15 minutes. kristen and eric? >> 620 -- 6:20 is our time. and the post office announced a
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(woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful >> 6:23 and high temperatures for today. we will run from the low-to-mid 50's along the coast and a few more clouds to mostly sunny around the bay and inland and
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356 in san francisco and 60 in antioch. no weather worries fur traveling across the state. upper 50's to low 60's through the central valley. same for san diego and los angeles at 76 in palm springs. today in tahoe, friction. tomorrow, though, a couple of is of snow and snow showers for friday. kristen and eric? >> hair extensions are the latest fashion. celebrities made them popular and more people than ever are trying them. are they say? "consumer reports" has partnered with 7 on your side and michael finney has the details. >> hair extensions make you look like you have long looks but consumer reports cautions the beauty trend fueled by celebrities who use hair extensions can turn ugly. ♪ hair, my hair
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>> lady gaga has receive add lot of attention for the outrageous hair style she creates with the hair extensions. other celebrities including jessica simpson have hotlines. many women are following their lead longing for a full head of hair. but there is a dark side. jennifer aniston cut her hair because it was getting thinned out from all the extensions. another was influenced by both celebrity fashion and her friends got hair extensions. i have been wearing them nine years. >> now her hair has broken off and she has a spot where her hair will not grow. >> another had problems. >> i have a bald spot. >> "consumer reports" was concerned when one of her patients with hair extensions complained of excruciating headaches. >> people who use the hair
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extensions without complaint but they had excess weight pulling on the hair which can lead to damage of the hair follow kills. >> salons use a wide variety of ways to attach the extensions including glue and tape and clips. >> if you wear extensions and start to see signs of hair loss, stop before the problem is person. >> an owner refuses to use hair extensions. >> it looks like beautiful hair but what it does underneath is scary. >> if you would like fuller looking hair without extensions, try goals and sprays that will will add "volume." >> that is why i stopped wearing them. because of the damage. >> 6:26 now. >> police officers are asking for 16 percent pay raise, ahead the response from the cash scrapped city. >> the post office make as
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decision that will effectivery single one of the cuts -- will effectivery single customers. >> now details on a case from 1984. what happened to kevin collins? >> you can see a tow truck on the right-hand side of the bay bridge toll plaza. we do not is reports of stalls or accidents but we will follow that. the metering lights are on and traffic is backed to the macarthur maze. we will have the rest of the commute when
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a live look from our mount tamalpais camera at the beauty that is the bay area. >> good morning. >> happy wednesday, thanks for joining us. >> now, how is the forecast, mike? >> a few clouds if any. we are starting off with dry weather which is good because tomorrow morning we will have wet weather in the in the bay if 9 -- the commute. cooler this morning. 7:00, around the bay, 37 to 45 and the 45 is san francisco. mostly sunny at noon and hang around 50 and near normal and sunny conditions and mid-to-upper 50's. inland, temperatures around 34 to 40 and isolated areas seeing scattered frost. at noon, brighter and democrats in the low-to-mid 50's and by 4:00 mid-to-upper 50's and cooler in the evening if you are
6:29 am
headed out 47 to 51. and headed over to the coast we have sky conditions not as cloudy as yesterday and more sunshine and 42 to 46 and near 50 at noon and low-to-mid 50's with a slight breeze developing this afternoon but nothing out of the ordinary. enjoy the dry evening but dress for temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's. >> northbound 680, the ramp to westbound 780 an accident now off to the right hand shoulder so no slowing there and a tow truck is on seen, a stalled big rig blocking the right lane at 242, and southbound 101 at willow road reports of an accident on the right side. first reports of an accident on deviled slice blocking a lane of traffic with no further details. we will report back to you after checking with c.h.p. kristen and eric? >> we start at 6:30 with developing new. we learned that united states
6:30 am
postal service will stop mail delivery open saturday starting in august. an official announcement comes at 7:00 our time this morning. packages will still be delivered. post office locations will remain open on weekends. the move is expected to save $2 billion a year. the struggling agency has been looking for ways to cut costs amid growing competition from e-mail and the internet. >> abc7 has learned that san francisco police will hold a news conference today to share possible new details in the kevin collins investigation, the boy who disappeared 30 years ago. amy joins with the latest. >> we should get answers today, christian, police pulled a lot of evidence out of the house behind me here on masonic street, in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. today, we should learn more about what they found inside that house. this used to be the home of their key suspect, his name is dan kelly who died five years
6:31 am
ago. he has been called the key suspect in the disappearance of kevin collins who disappeared in 1984. the case captured national attention. police questions him at the time but officers in the cold case unit decided they needed to revisit his home on masonic, they never looked in the backyard. they visited the home and spent the day and some of night here and dug up the garage floor and they did find some bones. they think it looks like animal bones but they had them tested. today, police scheduled a press conference to talk more about this old, unsolved case. reporting live in san francisco, for abc7 news. >> it is 6:33. this morning, the man accused of murdering moran hill teenager is due in court. the 20-year-old may find enter a plea to murder and kidnapping in
6:32 am
the disappearance of the 15 -year-old girl. torres was arrested in may on murder charges although her body was not been found. she vanish on the way to school. torres could enter a plea on charges of attempting kidnapping accused of attacking three other women in 2009. >> palo alto police are searching for a man who tried to grab an 11-year-old while riding her bicycle. it happened on monday night, police say the girl was ten feet from the man and she screamed and peddled fast, and he yield he was going to kidnap her. the suspect is described as white man in his 30's at 6' tall weighing 150 pounds with light colored hair and balding or with a receding hair line and wearing glasses and a puffy blue jacket. >> the school tragedy in sandy hook elementary school is causing tighter security at local schools.
6:33 am
redwood city police department is implementing a new safety plan for schools in the city. that plan includes patrols to elementary schools, new emergency drills to stimulate lockdowns if a shooter gets on campus. officers will also meet with teachers and the administration to become familiar with campus lay outs. in newtown the board of education is trying to decide how to pay for the cost of increase security for the schools meeting to discuss the options. all the added security is expected to increase the budget by 6.5 percent. new measures could include more gates around the schools, and bullet proof glass. >> disaster officials are struggling to reach four villages in the solomon islands after a 5' tsunami hit the chain. five people were reportedly killed and 70 to 80 homes were damaged. police expect the death toll to rise. officials say a pair of giant waves hit the western side of santa cruz island following a
6:34 am
powerful 8.0 earthquake that struck underwater near the solomons, the tsunami warning was canceled for more distant coasts. >> today, the boy scouts of america could vote on whether to lit a long-term policy that excludes gay members and leaders, with the executive board wrapping up three days of meetings at the headquarters in texas, the proposal would allow individual scout troops to decide how to address the issue. a conservative group in texas says organized prayer vigil for this morning in texas and they are expected to issue a statement today. >> the nasdaq exchange could be paying millions over facebook's bopped initial public offering. the "wall street journal" reports that nasdaq is in talks with the government to pay $5 million in pin -- penalties, only 1 percent of money lost. last may, on the only of the menlo park social media company i.p.o. technical problems delayed the start of trading of facebook shares and the nasdaq is offering to comment customers
6:35 am
$62 million for their losses. >> gas prices nation-wide have jumped 18 cents in a week the biggest seven day spike in two years. the average price for a gallon is $3.54 and experts blame it on rising oil prices and tension in the middle east. in california, it is higher. $3.91 a gallon. that is in part because refineries are preparing to switch from winter grade to more costly summer grade fuel. >> it is 6:36. from 9 north bay, three people found dead in a home, and the one theory investigators have ruled out. >> police pay raise, the reason that the san jose police officers say they deserve a 16 percent pay hike. >> weather and traffic coming up but, now, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is backing up and sue hall will backing up and sue hall will tell us why coming up.) 3 days g
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>> we are back, coming up on 6:40. now the next system that comes in tomorrow morning, bringing us a chance of rain. right now we are between them, can you see the high pressure and the nearly clear conditions, and mostly sunny this afternoon, and low-to-mid 50's on the coast and mid-to-upper 50's if the rest of us and san francisco is 56 and 359 in oakland and nasa and fremont and palo alto and concord and livermore and 58 in san jose. next three days, two will be unsettled with a chance of rain, and scattered showers on friday and let to mid-50's and sunshine returns for the weekend and mid-50's to 60 for saturday. sue? >> the situation developing on devil's slide northbound highway one blocked now with a head on collision, a truck and a sedan. medics and fire are en route but right new northbound is blocked.
6:39 am
you need to take highway 92. eastbound 980 we have an accident on the right shoulder, and southbound 680 at 242, still, a big rig blocking entrance of the ramp. >> san jose police are asking for a 16 percent pay raise over the next three years in their opening contract talks with the city. the san jose mercury news reports the increase including restoring 10 percent pay cuts they accepted to help limit layoffs during the record budget deficits. city leaders indicate they would support modest raises but the police officers association argues bigger raises are needed to keep officers from leaving. the union has called for opening negotiations to be public. >> trading is underway on wall street. here is a live look at the big board with the dow down 44
6:40 am
points and we are under the 14,000 mark. we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange but, first, developing news, a triple murder in a north bay home. what is happening tomorrow at the crime scene.
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all bay area. this is abc7 news. >> it is time to take a look at snow pack. it is not good news. 82 percent of statewide percentage of normal so we should have more than this just to this date not including what we are supposed to get the rest of the month and all of march before the season helps april 1. radar shows it is dry across the
6:43 am
state. we have temperatures in the upper 50's and low 60's with sunshine through the vietnam and same for los angeles and san diego and 46 in day he and a couple of inches is all for snow tomorrow and snow showers for friday but the temperature from 46 today to 28 for a high on friday is all. christian? >> we will check with josh for at look at "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. >> a good wednesday to you, kristen and eric and everyone in the bay area. much more now on the shocking death of navy seal chris kyle. there was a 9-1-1 call made just after kyle was gunned down. what did the shooter's sister say? it is chilling, indeed, next on "good morning america" in 15 minutes. >> more on developing news recovering from the north bay with investigators are trying to figure what led to a triple murder in a home in forestville. cornell bernard is live on
6:44 am
highway 116 with the latest. >> the bodies of three men are still inside the rural cabin. we are not far from the act of crime scene. the sheriff is not saying much about the murder mystery. we were over the property and deputies say a man discovered the body of his brother and two others in a back bedroom of the cabin on tuesday afternoon. all three were shot. the victims appear to have been targeted. the crime left many in this quiet neighborhood completely stunned. >> there was other activity going on in the neighborhood, controlled burns and they thought maybe the sounds they heard were coming from the fire and, later, they started hearing what occurred they put two and two together and reported that people may have heard gunshots around this time period.
6:45 am
>> the shooter or shooters remain at large but police do not think the public is in danger because the crime does not appear to be random. the victims had no criminal history. their identities have not yet been released. investigators will likely have more to say about the crime later this morning. they do say it has been 25 years since a triple homicide has happened here. >> cornell, thank you. the federal reserve confirms it was hacked. a when was the target during the super bowl but they said critical operations were not affected. hacker group claimed it stole information on 4,000 u.s. bank executives and the fed says this is a contact database for banks do use during a national disaster and nothing of value was stolen. >> the markets reacting to the startling news from the post office. >> and hewlett-packard headed for a possible breakup?
6:46 am
now to the new york stock exchange. jane? >> if you need letters delivered on saturday, what do do you? ups? maybe fedex? those companies stand to benefit as the poet office makes the new schedule. home depot looks for 80,000 workers 14 percent more than last year as this are ready for spring home improvement season. lower disaster on wall street this morning, all the markets are modestly in the red so far and the silicon valley intersection is trading down. shares of san francisco based zinga a social game maker is impressive wall street with cost cutting and hewlet-packard is looking like they could breakup with shares falling so. the company has to be thinking about selling parts itself.
6:47 am
h.p. is not commenting on exactly what is in the works. have you done your valen tine day shopping? more than half of us have not. and 43 percent take a tablet to bed and say breaking up with the ipad is as bad as breaking up with a mate. >> did i buy a different? a lot of people have sent wishes. >> and cuddling with your ipad? what have we come to? >> wake up on the weekend, right to the iphone. >> there you go. the newspaper, maybe, but the iphone. we go to bet at different times. so you know how that is. >> that is not very warm. >> hard to get from under the covers this morning when you
6:48 am
step outside with 30's and 40's, the cooler air is here, and a beautiful sunrise waiting for us here in the next half hour or so, you can see the high clouds out there, and we look to the south from mount tamalpais this morning, and radar satellite, the razor is dry and a few clouds but this time tomorrow, north bay has you pegged if wet weather during the commute in the morning. be prepared if that. check out the temperatures, 34 in napa and santa rosa the cool spots and a lot of mid-to-upper 30's and fairfield and livermore and antioch, throw mid-40's and 40 in mountain view and everyone else mid-to-upper 30's and san jose is at 38. temperatures from 36 in watt -- watsonville. cooler with hours tomorrow and friday but they are out of here for the weekend where we will see sunshine and temperatures
6:49 am
with high pressure in clearing the sky and bringing us the cooler temperatures as we are between systems. now, the next system that comes tomorrow is stronger with more moisture with it, and it will bring a little bit of a headache for some folks during the morning commute. at 5:00, you can see the best chance of measurable rain is in the north bay, storm system has slowed down from what we talked about yesterday, so, as the morning commute is ending at 9:00, the rain moving into the heart of the bay and to the south bay by noon, and out of the south bay by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00, and leaving behind .1" or possibly .25" in the higher elevations. the snow level is down low enough we will see snow in mount hamilton. we will have sunshine friday afternoon and through the evening it will be quiet. up to .25" of rain, not enough
6:50 am
to stem the tide of this semi drought we are in right new. temperatures today in the mid-50's to around 60 but only low-to-mid 50's for thursday and friday and up to 60 on saturday and sunday and mid-50's to low 60's early next week. have a great day, everyone. sue? >> an update on the situation at devil's slide northbound highway with is partly blocked with a one way traffic control set up with a head on accident. fortunately, minor injuries only, but it will delay your commute if you are trafficking northbound and southbound is delayed because of the one way traffic control so to get into or off the coast this morning you will want to take highway moot and if you are leaving headed eastbound on 92 that is a regular commute direction and you can expect that to be rather jammed this morning, and if you are getting to the coast, westbound 92 should be pretty good. elsewhere, southbound 680 at 242 we have a stalled big rig blocking the right lane of traffic, you can see by the yellow sensors that things are
6:51 am
slow as you leave the concorde area. bart and muni are on time and the vallejo ferry is going to be a bus because of mechanical problems so buses for the officerry for the morning commute and afternoon commute. san mateo bridge, getting busy on the flat section moving to foster city and walnut creek is looking good southbound moving toward 24. kristen and eric? >> ahead, five things to know before you go. >> the morning news
6:52 am
>> a live look outside the embarcardero, san francisco, the bay, a gorgeous picture as the sunrises. it is chilly. mike nicco has a final check coming up. >> as we are ready to hand things off to "good morning america" five things to know. number one, sonoma county
6:53 am
sheriff is on the scene of a triple homicide northwest of santa rosa. this is video of the scene after the bodies were discovered yesterday at a home. detectives say the victims were shot to death in the bedroom. they were targeted. >> number two, san francisco police are holding a news conference today in a case of ten-year-old kevin collins who disappeared from haight-ashbury area in 1984. police searched a home last week. they found bone fragments in the basement and sent them to a laboratory for analysis. >> and in washington, dc, the post office is getting ready to make a major announcement. you got mail, but not on saturday, for restructuring of the postal service is stopping mail delivery on saturday starting in august and an official announcement is made in a few minutes from now at 7:00. >> number four, the boy scouts of america board could vote on whether to change a policy that
6:54 am
excludes gay members and leaders. the proposal would allow individual scout troops to decide how they want to address the issue. >> five, monopoly is adding a new cat game piece and getting rid of the iron after an online contest. the new token comes out later this year. >> i picked robot and diamond ring. >> the helicopter i thought should be there but that was not there. >> now, mike has the forecast. >> the big story, cooler conditions. but antioch is one degree warmer. dress for temperatures in the mid-30's to mid-40's. and 43 in san francisco, the warm spot, and oakland is 41 and 38 in san jose and concord and 34 in santa rosa. today, we are talking about temperatures that will be cool with all the sunshine this morning and a few high clouds and mostly sunny this afternoon, and mid 50's to around 60 and dry during the evening hours at 47 to 52. have a great day.
6:55 am
sue? >> bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and traffic is backed to the macarthur maze and sluggish on the upper deck, and i wanted to remind you that the devil slide one way traffic control because of a head on collision so expect delays. 92 is the best bet. a stalled big rig in walnut creek southbound 680 at 242. that is blocking the right lane. to download this free app at apple app and google play. >> the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes during "good morning america" which is next. captioned by, closed captioning
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good morning, america. and breaking news at this hour in the west. the post office announces this morning they are cancelling saturday mail delivery. the drastic change to confront its worst financial crisis ever. cutting delivery to five days a
6:59 am
week. inside the bunker. the first photos of where that kindergartner was held for a week. little ethan back home with his mother, celebrating his birthday today. skiing stunner. lindsey vonn in a horrifying crash in the middle of a race. slamming face-first into the slope. helicoptered straight to the hospital. is this a career-ender for usa's golden girl? new details this morning. dangerous curves. the model making huge headlines for her racy, new campaign for a burger chain. is this the sizzling video that's catapulting her to the hottest modeling gig of the year? and good morning, america. hello to robin at home. welcome back to amy robach. we have news breaking overnight.


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